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Rapsody is ready to embrace the unknown. On her fourth studio album, Please Don't Cry, the North Carolina rapper weaves together disparate experiences to create a truly unique and unforgettable sonic gem. It's the mark of an artist who is unafraid to draw on lifelong influences to find their true voice. Her 2023 single, "Asteroids," reignited the public's demand for forward-thinking stylistics and pointed songwriting. Her discography spans over a decade and has made a lasting impact on hip hop culture, avid music listeners, fans and critics alike. Rapsody is preparing to pull back the curtain on who Marlanna Evans is. The tightly wrapped album is a more self-aware version of Rapsody as she reconciles with the past to empower her future. It explores the depth of her technical dexterity with more vulnerability than prior releases. It's a record that sets her apart from the rest, cementing Rap's status as one of the best storytellers of all time.
Rapsody - Please Don't Cry [Colored Vinyl] (Ylw)
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Written and produced by Andra, Nando Raio, Shay Godwin, Charles Jones, Dave Wood, Jacques Pierre, Kevin Randolph, Jon Decuir, Jayla Darden, Kendra Foster, and Jesus Delgadillo. Mixed and engineered by Caleb Morris, Spencer Guerra, and John Kercy. Cassandra (Cherith), titled after her birth name and this season of her life, is her most personal body of work to date. In this project, Andra examines every iteration of love: lost, gained, rekindled, interpersonal, and with "God". She sings about her personal experiences with intense love, gut-wrenching heartbreak, death & rebirth, reclamation, and spiritual growth.
Day, Andra - Cassandra (Cherith)
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In Kehlani's words: "A crash, in any form, is the peak height of the moment. It isn't the anxiety of the before, or the lament after. It is the everso imperative present. A space with no reminisce, no remorse, and no after thought. CRASH IS HERE. At my most free, most fun, most loud, most fueled, so far."
Kehlani - Crash - Limited Edition (Blk) [Colored Vinyl] (Red) (Spla)
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COWBOY CARTER OFFICIAL VINYL has two 180 gram black vinyl LPs in printed inner sleeves with a 40 page photo booklet featuring never-before-seen images and a folded collectible 24”x 36” poster.

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